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Winnie WONG

I have been living and studying in the suburbs for more than ten years and I often take a walk in the nature and witness its changes. Azaleas are everywhere in the foggy spring, birds and insects tweet loudly in the summer, the sky and the sea is linked in the sunny day of autumn. Plants sway in the cold winter but the mountains are verdant and still show a series of picturesque sceneries to people. Heart is shivered by the seducing of material pursuit. Nature is full of joy and it nourishes the endless poetic and pictorial splendor. I appreciate the worthies who can amuse themselves with poems and paintings. Therefore, I immerse myself in Chinese paintings and poems with an aim to express my emotions through the artworks.


Winnie Wong shows us how appreciation of a moment can be express in a poem.  Background picture by Amy Sin.  Consolidated picture by Alice Ngan.  A memoir of Serendipity's trip to Tai Chung.

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