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Emily LAW

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Emily Law Siu Ting (ST Emily Art) , a Hong Kong Artist. She graduated from the Engineering Faculty of the City University of HK and later completed the Advanced Diploma in Western Art from the SCOPS, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  She has taken painting class under Ms. Pau Mo Ching, calligraphy class under Dr. Chui Pui Chee and apprenticed under Mr. Foo Sai Heng. Emily mainly participate into the Chinese ink and colour paintings. She uses her cultural knowledge of western and Chinese art to depict her feelings through her artwork.


Emily Law has planned & participated a number of group and solo exhibitions. Her artworks have been published in newspapers and found in personal collection. She is one of the founding members and the secretary of charity art group "Serendipity" formed in 2015. Emily Law has planned & joined a number of group and solo exhibitions.

Selected of participated Exhibitions:

  • Heart to Heart, Straight from the Heart & Heart's Delights by Serendipity

  • +VE-VE by Art Next

  • I am an Artist by IAMA   

  • Art Next Expo 2019

  • AVA Art Festival - International Art Exhibition, Osaka, Japan

  • Dimension Duplicity - Amy and Emily by H Gallery

  • Happy Flower - Happy Dance, Solo

  • Garden of the Artisans by Youth Square

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