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WONG Kam Luen


A school teacher turned artist, Mr. Wong Kam Luen studied Fine Arts at a teachers’ college. Among his teachers were master artists Mr. Lai Yuk Hay and Mr. Liang Jun-yong. Having taught art in mainstream schools for many years, Mr. Wong decided to take an early retirement. It was then he was able to offer private painting and calligraphy classes to all walks of life and age groups without being restricted by curriculum requirements.   Mr. Wong’s teaching philosophy is deeply influenced by that of his teacher Mr. Lai Yuk Hay.  He is an avid supporter of small class teaching to enhance student-teacher interaction and relationship.  Although Mr. Wong is an experienced art teacher, he never stops learning. He furthered his education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. 


Mr. Wong has offered classes to a wide range of organizations, from professional associations to schools and churches. He actively contributes to the local art community. He has served as a docent at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, The Hong Kong Museum of History, and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.


Mr. Wong has set up a "Blend Affinity Society" and he has been invited as a advisor in the "Serendipity".  He is well known for making art education affordable and accessible to everyone and was therefore referred to as the Art Education Master for the People in an interview conducted by the Lingnan University.

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