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Seal carving - Pau Mo Ching 篆刻 -  鮑慕貞

Wintersweet and Nandina/Sacred Bamboo - Pau Mo Ching

臘梅南天竹 -  鮑慕貞

As Chinese New Year approaches, Ms Pau Mo Ching will always provide a painting that symbolizes the festivity for students to practise with. Last year, a painting of Chinese Lilies was provided. This year, it is Master Lee Fung Kung’s painting of Wintersweet and Nandina or Sacred Bamboo. While Wintersweet blossoms during the Chinese New Year, Nandina is a symbol of luck in Japan. This painting is indeed timely for the Chinese New Year. In addition to observing the composition and color of the painting, the students also learnt much about the two plants.


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