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Seal carving - Pau Mo Ching 篆刻 -  鮑慕貞

Family name“Yip”, Seal carving -

Pau Mo Ching

篆刻   葉   姓氏印 -  鮑慕貞

Seal carving is an important branch of Chinese arts. An artistic seal stamped at the right spot can always provide an interesting essence to a piece of artwork. We would endeavour to provide more information about seals in the near future. 
Ms Pau Mo Ching, a specialist in seal carving has recently created a fine piece of art. 
This is a seal for the family name, “Yip”. Ms Pau has used the Han style of birds and insects calligraphy for this seal. The significance is in the beginning and ending of each stroke which would carry certain parts of birds, insects or beasts, e.g. bird’s head, fish tail, snake body, dragon claw. Without compromising the integrity of the word, sometimes, even the stroke itself is twisted to provide dynamics to the word. This type of calligraphy is also seen in ancient weapons. Although it was meant to be decorative, in retrospect, this type of calligraphy actually lends a masculine touch to the work.

篆刻, 是中國藝術一門重要的學問。一個好的印章,蓋在書、畫適當的位置, 往往有畫龍點睛之效。我們會在未來的日子,提供一些篆刻的資料。篆刻家鮑慕貞老師近日刻了一個滿意的作品。葉,姓氏印。取漢代鳥蟲篆印式。筆劃起首和結尾都愛加進裝飾的鳥頭、魚尾、蛇身、龍爪,甚或,在不損字形字義的前題,加強線條的轉折和動感,就如當代的美術字。反映了時代的審美特色。鳥蟲書也多見於兵器之上,現在看來好像裝飾味強,實質有種剛列的男兒氣。

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