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Heart Sutra - WT Cheung

Heart Sutra - WT Cheung

心經 - 張榮泰

WT Cheung shared with us his thoughts on his work. 
‘’I came across “Heart Sutra” accidentally in my early years. Although I did not really understand it well, I know it speaks a great principle on life and living. With age and the banking of various euphoria and despairs, I am gradually being enlightened by the great piece, and “Heart Sutra” becomes the obvious choice for my first charity exhibition.’’

"年輕時在一個很偶然的機會翻閱了一遍心經, 當時雖然不 太明白心經所述何物,但是意味到內裡有很大的 人生哲理。轉眼數十載, 經歷了不同的喜與憂, 漸漸加深了對心經 的體會, 心經就很自然的成為了我第一次參展的作品"。

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