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Looking at Each Other

Looking at Each Other -

Winnie Wong

對望  -  黃小蓉

Winnie Wong’s “Looking at Each Other” features two of the famous items at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The painting tells more than the sculpture, “Gate of Wisdom” and the Pacific Swift. Winnie said, “The Gate of Wisdom shows two masters practicing Kung Fu, day in and day out, untiringly perfecting their skill, advancing their know-how. We see the Pacific Swift at dusk, overlooking the shadow that the masters cast, or, is she pondering at that faraway landscape? Time stands still, we look on with wonder."

This painting portrays a sense of serenity, the unification of the universe and the soul.

黃小蓉的"對望" 畫了中文大學 一座雕塑刻及很出名的雨燕 。 原來 內裹 還 有很多含義 。





題字: 相看兩不厭

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