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Bird and Grapes - Alice Ngan

The Collector at the Tolo Residence has the following comments regarding his collection, Alice Ngan’s Bird and Grapes: “The artist has used a clever mix of shades to depict a vibrant picture. The tough vine, young shoot and luscious leaves combine to convey a sense of vigor while the bountiful grapes indicate the happiness of a bumper harvest. The wise little bird perches patiently under the shade, in a nonchalant manner. A good meal will come.”

藏家吐露居主人對他的藏品,顔文慧之《青鳥望葡萄》有如此評語: “畫作用色濃淡有致,野趣盎然。蒼勁的老藤,撑起一片青葉濃蔭,飄逸的幼枝,使畫面充滿動感。累累碩果,觀者感到豐收的幸福。路過的翠鳥,也不忘在綠蔭下避過炎炎的夏日。鳥兒注目葡萄,心想今次當可飽餐一頓。佳景美食當前,管它屁股對著觀眾,尤顯得自在,不為世俗所左右。”

題字: 青鳥望葡萄, 搖搖更欲墜, 惹人喜其稚, 憑卷不厭看

Bird and Grapes - Alice Ngan

青鳥望葡萄 - 顏文慧

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