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Owen Wong Kai Wai

Owen Portrait.jpg

A Soul Touching Capture of Life


Mr. Owen WONG Kai Wai, Contemporary Ink Artist

Owen WONG Kai Wai was born in 1976.  He was a graduate of the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts and the Hong Kong First Institute of Art and Design.  Starting from 1984, he has apprenticed under Ms CHEN Baozhu, Mr LAM Tian Xing, Mr CHAN Shing Kau, Professor LIU Kuo-sung, Professor PI Daojian and Professor SHI Mo.   He is devoted to creation of modern ink and wash artwork as well as art education and promotion.  In 2012, Owen founded the “International Association of Young Artists”. The 37Th Hong Kong Young Learners Competition All-Hong Kong Champions. In 2014, Chinese Fine Arts Calligraphy Teacher Award. In 2015, he was appointed as a member of the Special Contributing Committee of the Chinese Children’s Art and Calligraphy.  He is a current committee member of the Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting and member of Xiang Gang Mei Xie. 

Owen expertise is in oil painting and Chinese ink painting.  Over the years, he has developed his own unique style of contemporary ink art.    In 2017, Owen created the “Wrinkle by Floating Molecules ” technique. Owen’s works have been featured in various exhibitions in Hong Kong and mainland China.  In 2019, his solo exhibition, “Floating Energy” series has won wide acclaim.  His work is an interpretation of the ocean and universe and his own enlightenment of the energy and force of nature.  Owen believes that art, like imagination has no boundary.  His technique has reached a new level of dynamics and brought about an interesting equilibrium between ink and water, darkness and light.  Viewers of his work are invited to sail through the harmony created therein.  Owen was granted an Outstanding Youth Award by the  Outstanding Chinese Culture Association in 2019.

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